Web Design / Branding

West London Dermatology Centre is a private clinic with a range of treatments from acne and skin rejuvenation to wrinkle smoothing & laser hair removal. They aim to be THE gold standard in dermatology skincare by providing excellence and experise in patient skincare treatments whilst delivering great customer service which is warm, personalized and reassuring.

  • • Website Design
  • • Branding
  • • Brand & Photography Styling
  • • Imagery Selection
  • • Photography Guidelines
  • • Tone of Voice

WireFrame & new website design

I designed a wireframe to map out the pagination framework, layout and other key site components such as video inclusion and customer review feed. Once approved I worked closely with the website developer to build.


To give a sense of calm and reassurance I relooked at the overall design of the site and introduced new calming and warm colours to their brand palette


The new imagery was crucial in reflecting the warmth and experience of the brand. I pulled together a suite of imagery that reflected their brand personality