October 10, 2017

Button Bites – Be Consistently Fabulous Darling!

Button Bites – Be Consistently Fabulous Darling!

Your customer probably has numerous interactions with your brand or product which go way beyond a logo or typeface. They walk into your “bricks & mortar”. They talk to your team. They sit in spaces you have created. They open packages you have sent to their home. And I haven’t even started on the world of online communications yet. In summary you are a complex brand jigsaw puzzle of multiple touchpoints.

So why does presenting a seamless brand experience matter?  Well its so much easier to attract and draw in your ideal customer if you talk to them in one consistent brand voice. It also helps you your internal teams to speak from the same hymn sheet. Joining all the dots across the customer journey will leave them in no doubt what your brand stands for and what you have to offer.

And frankly why wouldn’t you? If you have a strong brand story and created a recognisable brand identity then make this the focal point of everything you do. This is your unique viewpoint. This is what makes you “you” and creates space away from all the others competing in your space.

It does mean planning and it does mean being strict. However much you may like an image or a product to add to your range – if it doesn’t fit within your brand architechure then don’t do.

So a little bit of advice – why not gather up the relevant brand strands and create one strong brand element that can interweave like a ribbon throughout each experience you have with your audience. You can think of it as your very own creative brand wrapper.


Button Bites is a series of incredibly useful morsels of information written by Sarah Mieszkian Brand Consultant at Button Marketing to inspire your marketing efforts.


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